“Being close to a horse is a daunting experience for me, but after the 1st session, i felt calm and relaxed.It felt like my mind had cleared and I wasn’t thinking negatively anymore. I was surprised with how the horse seemed to take my fears away and make me feel calmer.”
“The horse perfectly mirrored how I was feeling on the inside, it was like I could see my emotions.”
“The experience was amazing, I never felt like that before.”
“I feel differently now, working with Kate and the horses has changed my life, its like the horses have taken my pain away.”
“I would have never of thought that this work with the horses would have ever have made me feel the way I have.”

“I cannot thank Kate and her team of horses enough for literally giving me my life back.
I was suffering from abuse trauma and flashbacks prior to commencing equine therapy. I had tried mainstream talking therapies but I found I was still suffering.
Although I had a great fear of horses for some reason I was drawn to equine therapy.
Kate and her horses worked patiently with me to enable me to heal fully from the abuse trauma.
A beautifully deep and life changing experience I will not forget. Strongly recommend it.”